Facebook Mobile Phones – A New Way of Accessing Cloud Computing ?

With the Mobile World Congress trade fair being held in Barcelona next week, after many rumours and denials about Facebook developing a mobile phone, the announcement has been made that there will not be a Facebook phone but rather Facebook phones made by many manufacturers!  The manufacturer INQ has announced two models, named the Cloud touch and the Cloud Q. This announcement got me thinking about a question that is raised every time I teach Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course – are applications such as Facebook and Twitter examples of Cloud Computing?

Without doubt they most definitely are as they display many of the key characteristics of Cloud Computing. The announcement of the Facebook phones has the potential to completely change the way we use mobile devices for communication. The primary usage of these devices to date has been and still is for voice and SMS communication together with email. With the Facebook phone the way we communicate with these devices changes. Now we have real-time chat based communication, personal and business status updates, location based interaction with friends as well as business. The possibilities seem endless.

Behind the exciting release of the Facebook phone is a number of enabling technologies, key to this being Cloud Computing. The Facebook Phones now offer a new interface to this form of Cloud Computing which has the potential to completely change the way we communicate on a daily basis. This has a significant positive impact for business, opening new opportunities and markets. If you would like to know how Cloud Computing and platforms such as Facebook can be utilised by your organisation why not consider attending Learning Trees Cloud Computing course.


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