Fast Growing Companies Benefit From Cloud Computing

Every year here in the UK a list of the 100 fastest growing technology companies is published. This year, a fifth of the top 100 are offering or using cloud computing services. For these innovative companies, cloud computing can bring the capacity, platforms and applications to compete with much larger companies but without having to make large upfront investment in both hardware, software and IT staff.

It is interesting to note the number of these organisations that are using Microsoft cloud computing technologies. Microsoft was not and has not been considered an innovator in cloud computing, yet, with a massive investment and product release over the last two years now has one of the most comprehensive and powerful cloud computing offerings of any organisation. From end user applications offered through Office365 to platforms and infrastructure Microsoft has a rich product offering. An advantage they have over say Amazon or Google in selling their cloud computing products is that Microsoft have a large worldwide network of resellers and technology partners. It will be interesting to see how the market and vendor share of the market evolves over the next two or three years.

An example of a company that is using Microsoft Azure to develop new services is airline easyjet. They have a development programme to produce a system that will allow ground staff to upgrade customers seats or take payments for excess baggage using mobile terminals. This system is linked to a backend running on Microsoft Azure. The benefits to the customer are improved service and to easyjet, Azure means no new installation of servers, automatic scaling up and down of costs based on usage and a low cost of delivering this service.

To summarise, cloud computing is growing at a phenomenal rate, both in the range of services offered by cloud vendors and also in the way companies are using these services to improve their own business. This is highlighted in the list of fastest growing companies here in the UK. If you would like to know more about cloud computing, why not consider attending one of Learning Tree’s courses. Details can be found here.

Chris Czarnecki

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