Fast Track Cloud Computing Training

I am pleased to announce that the materials for Learning Tree International’s new Cloud computing course are now complete and ready to run. This course has been challenging, yet highly enjoyable to develop. Titled Cloud Computing Overview: Evaluating the Opportunities, the course is one half a day in duration and is aimed at providing attendees with a fast track to appreciating what Cloud Computing can offer an organization.

The course is delivered totally via Learning Tree’s unique AnyWare technology, so busy professionals can get up to speed with Cloud Computing from their own desks. The course is highly engaging with a series of live instructor demonstrations, put together to show the power of Cloud Computing. Vendor products from Google, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, and others are demonstrated. The interactive question and answer sessions are designed to ensure attendees have the opportunity to ask expert instructors questions.

For those attendees who see opportunities for their organizations in Cloud Computing, Learning Tree’s three day comprehensive Cloud Computing course is the perfect follow on to gain the in depth technical knowledge and hands-on experience of working with the products being offered by the major vendors. This course is offered as in-class and via AnyWare delivery.

The combination of these two courses, provide managers and IT professionals with the opportunity to rapidly gain the skill set that will enable them to plan, select and implement a Cloud Computing strategy for their organization. There are a number of events scheduled over the next few weeks – I hope to meet you at one of them !


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