First Class Eucalyptus Private Cloud Support

In my last post I wrote about the importance of selecting a cloud computing supplier that, in the event of failure or operational problems would react quickly and keep the users informed on progress as the problem is resolved. Little did I know that I would have the need to use a cloud supplier support system just the next day.

In putting together the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course, for the section on private clouds, we selected to use a Eucalyptus private cloud to give attendees hands-on experience of deploying and using resources on a private cloud. Eucalyptus systems host the cloud and attendees, having been introduced to the architecture and components then use this. This week, there are a number of courses running simultaneously and across different time zones and it became apparent as the instructors prepared for their events that there would be a need for more resources to be added. In this case the number of public IP addresses. Since Eucalyptus Systems host the private cloud for Learning Tree, this was not something that can be self administered. Slightly concerned as the author of the course that things needed to be resolved quickly, I was incredibly impressed by the speed of response of the Eucalyptus Systems team who resolved the problem immediately. The instructors involved slept easy last night and hopefully the attendees today will enjoy the experience of working with the Eucalyptus private cloud.

A special thanks to all at Eucalyptus Systems for the rapid response you provided, its greatly appreciated, especially to Harold Spencer Jr. If you would like to find out more about Cloud Computing and gain hands-on experience on a number of products from the major cloud vendors, why not consider attending the course.

Chris Czarnecki

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