Google App Engine Account Not Displaying Applications

The course team recently encountered a problem working with the Google App Engine whilst developing the Cloud Computing Technologies course. We created an application in our Google App Engine account and then deployed it from Eclipse. The application deployed successfully and we could access it from a browser and use it. However, when we tried to view the application from our App Engine account it was not listed there. This meant that all the monitoring facilities together with the ability to stop the application were not available to us.

The problem appears to be down to the fact that we are using a Google Apps account to access the Google App Engine. We had previously created a Google Apps account for our domain and then used the same account to create a Google App Engine account. It seems that if you do this, a different URL is required to access your Google App Engine account – or at least to access it and see the applications you have created listed.

The standard Google App Engine URL is

Using this URL everything works fine for creating applications, but they are not listed or visible in the Google App Engine console.

When using a Google Apps account to access the Google App Engine you must use a different URL to access the applications. The URL structure is as follows[domain_name]

where [domain_name] is the domain you used to create the Google Apps account.

With this URL all our applications are listed.

Hope this saves you some time !


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