Google App Engine Out of Preview

Last week Google announced that the App engine is now out of preview and is a fully supported Google product. The success since its launch over 3 years ago is clear with Google claiming over 300K applications and 100K developers actively using the Platform. As part of this release, there is a new pricing strategy together with a Service Level Agreement. To take advantage of the benefits of App Engine Google have now provided a Premier account which provides the following:

  • Unlimited number of applications on account domain
  • Support from Google engineers
  • No minimum monthly fee per app – just pay per use

The SLA Google have is 99.95%, but what this means is that if the service is available for 99% – < 99.95% in a month then 10% of that monthly bill will be credited to users accounts. This is incremental and < 95% availability in a month results in a 50% credit on that months usage.

For pricing, App Engine still provides free quotas for applications. An application can now be converted to a paid application for which a minimum spend of $2.10 per week is made. The free quotas still apply. Any usage of resources required above this payment will be charged accordingly. A Premier account application just pays for resource usage. One of the comforting aspects of the Google App engine is the ability to set daily spend limits on the application. This is not available on many other Cloud Services such as Amazon AWS.

For Java and Python developers Google App engine provides an excellent Platform as a Service for hosting the applications. If you are interested in more details and how it may benefit your organisation, why not consider attending Learning Tree's Hands-On Cloud Computing course where, amongst many other cloud products we detail the Google App Engine and have a hands-on exercise using the toolkit.

Chris Czarnecki

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