Hiding Behind the Cloud

A while ago I wrote about Cloud 2.0 and the rapid evolution of the Cloud to incorporate Web 2.0 social networking functionality. The term Cloud 2.0 was coined by Mark Beinhoff when he described the Chatter product SalesForce.com is developing. Cisco have followed this path with the release of Quad.

Quad is a product that lets employees create and manage personal profiles, build virtual communities and collaborate on any type of digital content. Surely this is what Facebook does ? Yes it is. So Quad can be considered as a Facebook for the Enterprise. This has value as any organisation using Facebook knows that they do not own the content that is posted to Facebook, a vital commercial consideration.

So why am I commenting on Quad on a blog focused on Cloud Computing? The reason is that Cisco is marketing Quad as a Cloud Computing solution. The kind of things being mentioned are that the initial release of Quad is for large enterprises running Private Clouds but there will be a Public Cloud Quad service available for small and medium businesses soon.

It is clear that Quad appears to be a tremendous software product that has the potential to be of significant benefit to all types of organisations. Is it a Cloud Computing product? – potentially. Many factors need to be considered such as the sales model, scalability, security, administration that can distinguish a Cloud product from a standard software product. There is no doubt that the Cloud is gaining significant positive publicity, and rightly so. As a result, to gain a competitive advantage, organisations will use Cloud Computing in their marketing materials. To fully understand these marketing materials now requires an understanding of Cloud computing. You can rapidly acquire this understanding, and how to make sense of vendors products by attending Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course, or if you are time constrained an overview from the high paced half day Cloud Computing overview. You may also be interested in a White Paper on Cloud Computing I recently wrote.


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