How do You Define “Completed Work” on Your Project?

Ever been in a situation where completed project work was not complete at all? Not a good thing for any project manager or for the project team.  Have you considered providing guidance to your team members and defining what “complete” really means?  Try asking your team members about their completed project work using one or more of these questions:

  • Have you completed and received approval for the assigned work packages and its associated deliverables?
  • Have your activities on the project’s activity list been completed?
  • Any specific project requirements defined for this product?  Have they been met?
  • Any outstanding change requests or technical defects?
  • Have the quality criteria for each deliverable been met and documented? Documented in the project quality log?
  • Have your completed deliverables in the assigned work package been reviewed and approved by the customer? By project assurance? By the relevant quality folks?
  • Are the completed deliverables acceptable and signed-off on by quality assurance?

Hopefully this will raise the bar and define for the team exactly what “completed work” means on your project.  Happy performance reporting!

Susan Weese

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