How ITIL® Service Catalog & Service Portfolio Can Be Leveraged to Drive Service Management Culture

An organization’s Service Catalog and Service Portfolio consist of the identification and documentation of their business and technical services. Service Catalog is a menu of items (business and technical services) offered by the IT organization. Service Portfolio, on the other hand, includes all retired, operational and future services.

According to ITILv3, Service Catalog should contain all operational as well as retired services. However, if there are any business services in the Service Catalog that do not add value or enable any of the business processes, that is a potential leak, and an IT organization must assess whether or not it should continue to offer those services.

I had some clients who used Service Catalog as a source to market their new and upcoming services―services scheduled to go live within four weeks.  Because new market innovations lead to the development of new or refined business processes, from an IT perspective, new business processes will create new demand for IT to develop and deliver new, suitable business services. Oftentimes, such endeavors to deliver new business services are achieved through project management.

For example: If decides to offer their customers the option to sell items through a bidding process, the result would be the design and development of new business processes, which require and rely on associated business services for successful execution.  Depending on the Service Level Requirements (SLR), warranty of the new business services need to be designed and delivered to meet the business needs.

The use of Service Catalog and Service Portfolio is dependent on the organization.  The purpose, however, remains the same: clear communication of the content offered by the organization both internally and with its customers, and to ensure that the organization’s business services are aligned with its business processes.

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Ahmad K. Shuja

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