IIBA Awards First CCBA™ Credential

It’s official!  IIBA has awarded the first the first Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) designation to Mr. Michel Sauty of Villars-sous-Yens near Geneva, Switzerland.  Congratulations, Michel!  I hope you are the first of many folks to sit the exam, pass the exam, and receive this new business analysis certification.

The new CCBA™ exam targets folks who have less experience in the business analysis profession while the CBAP® exam is designed for more experienced business analysts.  The CCBA™ exam provides less experienced business analysts with their first step towards obtaining the CBAP® designation. This exam targets individuals who are proficient in some aspects of business analysis, are in the process of developing business analysis skills and expertise, and who apply business analysis to smaller scope projects and less complex tasks. The CCBA™ certification expires after 5 years. The expectation is that you will then apply to take the CBAP® exam when you have gained more business analysis experience. You can also re-sit the CCBA™ exam if you have not yet met the required CBAP® exam level of business analysis experience.

Read more about Michel and the CCBA™ exam in IIBA’s official announcement.

And have a look at my new book, CBAP / CCBA: Certified Business Analysis Study Guide that I coauthored with Terri Wagner (published in May 2011). This book assists you in preparing for and sitting the CBAP® or CCBA™ certification exams.  While we cannot guarantee that reading this book will result in you passing the exam, we hope that you will find its contents motivating and helpful.

Wonderful news!

Susan Weese

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