Is Amazon Now the Only Choice for Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing is big news, that is without question. It seems every time I open a newspaper or watch a TV program Microsoft informs me how my life, both business and personal would be improved by Cloud Computing. When I search on Google it seems every other advert is suggesting Google Apps could make my life easier. I mentioned in a previous post EMC having running Cloud Computing banners at Heathrow airport. In fact all the major vendors have significant marketing campaigns, aimed at convincing customers their cloud solutions are of significant benefit. Except one that is. I have yet to see an advert for Amazon AWS and its comprehensive set of cloud computing facilities.

The only thing I ever hear from Amazon is news on new service features and improvements – and there are lots of these. No marketing, no fuzziness, just pure useful functionality delivered without fuss or fanfare. Just looking at the month of March, Amazon announced the following:

  • A second AWS availability zone ion Tokyo
  • EC2 dedicated instances
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 support
  • Virtual Private Cloud internet Access
  • Identity and Access Management Support for CloudFront
  • VM Import connector for VMWare vCenter
  • AWS support in Japenese

These announcements, some significant, especially for private clouds, some more nice to have’s are all on top of what is already the most wide ranging, comprehensive set of cloud services available from any one vendor. So, does this mean that Amazon is the goto vendor for Cloud Computing ? Not necessarily, but they are making a strong case for being the one. The reality is that much depends on what your organisation and projects require. For instance, Amazon is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider not a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider. But when it comes to Iaas or Paas Amazon is really hard to beat, and appears to be increasing its range of functionality over competitors. Google, Microsoft and the rest have their work cutout to catch up – and do not currently appear to be making up any ground on Amazon.

Making the correct choice of Cloud Computing vendor is critical, and a thorough understanding of the products and services vital in helping make this choice. Learning Tree’s hands-on Cloud Computing course equips attendees with the skills required to make the correct choice for their organisations. Why not consider attending.


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