ITIL Practitioner Best Practice Mentoring and Coaching Services for an Organization


An IT service provider, within a large US government client, realized that a number of business outcomes were not being met despite a huge investment in IT. Questions were being raised, about the amount of investment carried out and the value of return seen. The Chief Information Officer (CIO), was shouldering constant pressure from internal and external stakeholders, as to how so much money was being spent with no justifiable return.

The CIO quickly realized, that immediate action was needed to stop the financial bleeding and to show instant return – as soon as possible. I was contacted and assisted in carrying out an internal review, which highlighted that one specific area of concern was the inability to show the services that were being delivered within IT.

A review of the current situation was carried out to see what was needed to achieve a catalog of services offered within IT. It was quickly realized that the structure was extremely complex, variable, misaligned, and differing expectations within internal IT staff. In addition, there were no clear levels of ownership of services.

The CSI approach was used to start adopting and adapting to a number of ITIL best practices. The client recognized immediately, that focusing on a certain pain point instantly added value to the goal of bringing costs under control, as part of a long term strategic initiative. The measure of success was not just financial, but also in  awareness among IT staff. They began to take responsibility of the services provided and recognizing that accountability and visibility of services were lacking.

The best practice coaching and mentoring service closely followed the Guidance, found in the ITIL Practitioner Guidance. The CSI approach and Organizational Change Management section from the Guidance were extremely useful in this case. For example, as we were moving from one way of working to another, a cultural change would be  required and the emotional cycle of change had to be considered regarding impacted stakeholders.

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Hitesh Patel

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