ITIL Practitioner Certification: Revision Tips


The ITIL Practitioner Certification examination provides 5 scenarios, but in reality, the ITIL® Practitioner Guidance is applicable to all types of organizations and all levels of enhancements to best practice.

Before the Exam

I would recommend that you spend considerable time going through the scenarios before the exam. You will need to be in a position where you can apply the core ITIL Practitioner Guidance to the exam scenarios with further scenario information provided in the exam. This is not a test focused solely on your ITIL Practitioner knowledge, as it will also test whether the student has successfully understood the scenario and been able to apply the ITIL Practitioner Guidance where possible.

The exam is open book, removing the challenge of trying to recall all the Guidance information. However, this doesn’t guarantee a successful outcome. You need to able to find the relevant information quickly, but also be able to use the Guidance publication as a supporting reference as opposed to an answer book in the exam. I would recommend students tab their book with different color tabs to make it easy to locate certain sections during the exam.

One of the key recommendation mentioned in an ITIL Foundation course,  is to leave your own organization information outside the classroom door. The rational behind this is that the ITIL Foundation certification is not based on your organization, but based on general best practices. However, going into an ITIL Practitioner Course, I would encourage you to think about your organization during the course. The struggles your organization has in adopting and adapting ITIL best practice and how can you make a difference after leaving the course. This can help you prepare for the exam as your constantly thinking about the application throughout the course.

During the Exam

During the exam, don’t get caught up in making assumptions in the exam as your answers must be based on the information in front of you. It is very easy to make assumptions when answering the questions, please refer back to the scenario before you answer your question to be sure that your answer has supporting evidence where required.

In Closing

A final revision tip is to practice as many sample questions as possible. This exam has a high-level of difficulty as compared to the ITIL Foundation. Don’t be complacent that just because it is a multiple choice, open book exam that it will be easier to complete. From my personal experience, I’ve had many people tell me that they found the exam is a similar level of difficulty compared to the ITIL intermediate exams – despite it being an open book examination.

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