ITIL Practitioner Certification: Value to Students and Organizations


The ITIL Practitioner will act as a complimentary and enhancing qualification, to all other ITIL qualifications after the ITIL foundation has been successfully achieved. While the ITIL Foundation qualification confirms a high level of understanding of IT best practice, it also introduces all the relevant basic concepts – the ‘how’ is addressed only very briefly.

Student Perspective

From a student perspective, I feel the most important part of the certification is the ability for students to walk away with a toolkit that can prove to be a valuable source, during the journey to reach ITIL best practice within an organization. The toolkit, is part of the ITIL Practitioner Guidance and is accompanied with a number of other sections that relate to the ITIL Practitioner syllabus.

Students will also see the value in the ITIL Practitioner Guidance,  it being an easier read compared to any of the ITIL Intermediate Certifications. I have found it to be one of the most enjoyable books,  as every page I read,  I can relate it to either an organization I’m consulting with or have consulted with previously.

Organizational Perspective

From an organizational perspective, management and leadership will have greater confidence, knowing that some team members have completed the qualification, and are ready to tackle and carry out the relevant improvement initiatives. Previously, management may have been reluctant to let ITIL trained students apply the best practice with only knowledge-based ITIL training. However, with the recent release of the ITIL Practitioner and more focus on practical-based training, organizations will start to increase their level of confidence and trust in staff to start the journey of ITIL adoption and adaption.

Another key value to the organization, the ITIL Practitioner Guidance will reinforce key concepts and how to apply it to any of the ITIL training previously undertaken, maximizing previous investments.

In the true spirit of continual service improvement, the new ITIL Practitioner qualification and the accompanying Guidance is a response to practitioners’ requests for additional, practical elements to complement the existing ITIL Guidance.

Check out Learning Tree International, for more information on the Path to ITIL Certification and the portfolio of ITIL Courses.

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