ITIL Practitioner: Four Key Challenges

With every new qualification, challenges will present themselves, inside and outside the classroom environment.


Students that have already taken the ITIL Foundation, and no other intermediate certification will need to ensure they remain up-to-date with the ITIL Foundation knowledge going into the ITIL Practitioner certification. I would recommend, reviewing your ITIL Foundation material before attending/completing the ITIL Practitioner certification to ensure that you take full advantage of the practical Guidance given. A common pattern, I notice with the ITIL Foundation students is that many don’t have the time to do the relevant pre-reading. Unfortunately, you may be able to get away with this going into a Foundation course, but not the ITIL Practitioner. Preparation is vital!

A second challenge which comes to mind, is that students need to recognize that the ITIL Practitioner certification is formulated from best practices. There of course is no guarantee that by using the principles provided in the Guidance that successful adoption of ITIL will result. The key is that you build on the Guidance within your organization, and in the true spirit of ITIL see this as a journey of ongoing improvement.  The ITIL Practitioner Guidance, is the kick-start that is required to begin your successful ITIL journey.

Another challenge will be that students decide to cut their ITIL certification journey short as they feel that the ITIL Practitioner will answer all their questions and there isn’t a need for any ITIL intermediate courses. The intermediate courses are still crucial in the application of best practice. The ITIL Practitioner provides the Guidance ‘how’ to apply, but not the knowledge on the ‘what.’

Lastly, a final challenge will be that many people will have their own expectations as to what the ITIL Practitioner Guidance should have. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get full agreement and I expect many service management professionals to have their own views on what should be included. I will go back to what I’ve mentioned on previous blogs, the ITIL Practitioner is formulated from best practice from a collection of service management professionals. There is no right or wrong answer, but the ITIL Practitioner Guidance provides the right start for your ITIL adoption and adaption journey.

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Hitesh Patel

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