ITIL Process Maps – Taking a student driven approach

Last year, I discussed with the Product Development department at Learning Tree International the possibility of creating process maps for all the ITIL® courses.  In the true alignment of ITIL, we took a value-driven approach and Learning Tree gave this the green light, as they felt that this would add extra value to student experiences on ITIL courses.

We took a student-driven approach to creating these process maps. In other words, we looked at what students wanted and how they would add value to the student experience.  We decided the maps needed the following qualities:

  • A holistic overview of the particular certification
  • Uncluttered, while still painting an accurate picture of all the key elements covered on the course
  • Meaningful diagrams
  • Identification of areas where interfaces exist and the flow of information

These process maps can be used as a reference guide, study aid for the exam or even a takeaway from the course (e.g., you may want to hang it in your office for future reference).

Learning Tree’s Foundation and ITIL Intermediate courses all have their own process maps.  Attendees also receive a generic service lifecycle overview map. Within ITIL, we talk about release and deployment of services and we chose for a phased approach in the release of these new process maps (and not a big bang for all courses at once). In the true ITIL style, we have looked at attendee and instructor feedback and used this as an ongoing phase of continual improvement for all the maps.

Hitesh Patel

*ITIL® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office

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