Job Hunt News for Project Managers and Business Analysts

Here is some positive news for all of the business analysts and project managers out there: your skills and expertise are very much in demand on IT projects.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for technology jobs was 3.3% in June 2011, compared with a 9.2% unemployment rate overall for the month.  A recent, informative article in USA Today rolls through many statistics showing the demand and the value that business analysts and project managers add to IT projects.

Here are the top three statistics and comments that got my undivided attention:

1.  42% of IT decision makers cited a lack of business knowledge as the source of problems in IT projects.  This makes the business analyst role crucial for project success, particularly as a liaison between IT and the business stakeholders on a project.

2. As a follow on to #1, project managers are also essential to IT departments.  They are there to perform such key tasks as negotiate with vendors, coordinate schedules, and assess project risks.

3. For you job hunters out there, business analyst job postings on up are up 25% from last year, while project management postings are up 26%.

The summary to this article offers positive reinforcement for business analysts and project managers around the world. Diane Morello, the Managing VP at Gartner says “Think about project management and business analysis as some of the low-hanging fruit.  You often see people in these types of roles move up in the ranks of IT and become CIOs and VPs and directors because they have that business acumen.”

What does this tell me?  That business analysis and project management skills will help you get in and move up within an organization.  That underscores the need to show your knowledge and prowess in these areas.  One way to enhance your experience and skills is through professional certification, such as becoming a PMP,  CBAP, or PRINCE2®practitioner.  One or more of these basic project management and business analysis credentials can reinforce your work experience quite nicely when you are on the job hunt or looking for your next opportunity in your current organization.

Susan Weese

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