Make 2012 Better With a Survey and Workflow

How well are we doing

In earlier posts I gave some thoughts on information structure design which is just one part of the bigger process in implementing effective SharePoint solutions.

Getting feedback from users is a valuable way of determining if your designs are working or not

How to get Feedback – use a survey

Surveys can provide a quick and easy way of getting feedback

The following shows a single question survey



That presents the responder with a choice of pre-determined answers



The question is implemented as a column in the survey list. This can be seen from the survey settings page



Such a survey can be useful but if the answers you are receiving require a particular action a simple workflow can enhance the solution.

Shown below is the SharePoint designer workflow attached to this survey list


The End Result is an automatic conditional alert.

I.e. An email is sent to the service department who can take appropriate action ensuring customer care is maintained.

Simple SharePoint solutions made from built in functionality together with simple customisation such as this can make a real difference to your user community and often take little time to create. Consider how long this would take to build if you were starting from scratch without SharePoint using traditional web development (PHP, ASP) techniques.

More complex actions can be taken within the workflow such as creating items in helpdesk lists, creating tasks, building an audit trail etc.

For more information on SharePoint Designer we offer great courses for both SharePoint 2010 and 2007.


David Severn

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