Microsoft Azure for ASP.NET MVC

Through my consulting activity and teaching for Learning Tree I am continually surprised by the lack of awareness developers have of the facilities of Microsoft Azure. As this platform develops at a fast pace, maybe Microsoft is not making its developer community fully aware of the wide and rich feature set the platform provides. With this background I feel compelled to write to raise awareness of what this platform offers, in particular for Web developers using ASP.NET MVC.

The latest version of the Azure toolset enables the development of ASP.NET Web applications and ASP.NET MVC applications that can be hosted on the Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS). For developing Web applications, Microsoft has always provided Visual Studio as an incredibly rich development toolkit, and now with Azure has an equally elegant deployment environment. The fact that Azure is a PaaS means that the lower level tedium of administering servers (think operating system, IIS, database etc) is handled for you transparently. Azure provides this out of the box, no administration, maintenance etc and all at a cost that is highly competitive compared to any other hosting solution.

Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC solution enables developers to create clean, maintainable, highly scalable Web applications, which with hosting available in Azure provides an equivalent clean hands-free approach to deployment and server maintenance. Combine this with the instantaneous, self provision elastic scaling, I am at a loss to explain why more organisations are not exploiting this offering. My conclusion is that the general lack of clarity of what Cloud Computing is coupled with a lack of awareness and clarity of what Azure is/can offer is preventing companies from working in a more productive, cost efficient manner.

If you would like to know more about Cloud Computing, why not attend the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course, or for more details of Azure, try the excellent Azure training course, developed by renowned Azure expert Doug Rehnstrom. Equally, the ASP.NET MVC course may open a new approach to Web application development for you too !


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