Missile Defence Agency Adopts Cloud Computing

Today, whilst on a consulting assignment related to mobile development, we discussed the integration of mobile and Cloud Computing. My client immediately said “the big problem with cloud computing is security, applications co-hosted with other organisations applications is dangerous …”. As you know, this is something that I have written about before. Having then began to discuss the merits of Cloud Computing to provide a more balanced view to my client, an email arrived that did the job for me – in fact in a much better way than I was doing. The email contained an article by Jim Armstrong, CIO of the Missile Defence Agency. In the article he explained how the agency had deployed the cloud to better serve their customers. Key features in achieving this were to provide:

  • Optimal service
  • Reduce failure points
  • More maintainable environment
  • Reduce operating costs

Given the data integrity and information assurance compliance requirements the Missile Defence Agency has, a private cloud was deployed to meet the demanding requirements. The cloud has been extended to a hybrid cloud for integrating with defence service providers.

The agency has been very careful and considered in what has been moved to the cloud, but for those services that are appropriate many benefits have been achieved, not only those listed above but also:

  • Speed of provisioning
  • Move or duplicate workloads across different regions

By utilising cloud computing as they have, the agency has acknowledged that it simplifies access for their mobile workforce. It resources are accessed in a seamless manner regardless of the device type or location. The reason that Jim Armstrong’s article motivated me to write this post, is that the experiences he has reported are something I have seen many times on consultancy assignments for those organisations that have embraced Cloud Computing. Equally I hear so many people dismiss Cloud Computing, listing concerns that can mostly be addressed and in fact improved by using Cloud Computing over traditional data centres.

If you are not sure about Cloud Computing, why not consider attending Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course. It will provide you with a thorough introduction to all the technologies and products form vendors and how these can be used effectively by business. The risks and concerns are also addressed. We have just added a private cloud hands-on exercise too so you will get a true feel for private clouds also. It may not convince you to adopt Cloud Computing for your organisation, but at least you will have a more balanced view and having been taught by an expert will be able to make a more informed decision for your organisation.

Chris Czarnecki

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