Office 365 Service Requests: Customer Service in the Cloud

Season’s greetings!

Seems like forever ago since my last post. I have been heads-down working on the upcoming Learning Tree Office 365 course.

As part of writing the course I have had to provision multiple Office 365 subscriptions. The development team is using Office 365 as a way to collaborate on the course documents. It is perfect for us since we have team members from Los Angeles to France! I have also had to create accounts to develop and test the hands-on exercises. Finally, we need multiple subscriptions on an ongoing basis to accommodate our students during class.

Last week I discovered that I had oversubscribed and I had an account I was paying for and not using. Even worse was that I had inadvertently requested a year’s subscription not the normal month to month that I usually do. Since there appeared to be no way to cancel the subscription from the Office 365 portal I worried that I was going to have to eat the cost.

That is until I decided to use the portal to submit a service request to Microsoft. I had not done that before and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical as to how well it would work, if at all. Well, to my pleasant surprise I received a phone call from a Microsoft Customer Service representative within 24 hours. Since I was not at my office when the call occurred she left a voice-mail and followed up with an email requesting that I confirm some details about the account. Within a couple hours after that I received another phone call and confirmation that my subscription was cancelled and that I would no longer be charged for the service.

I have to say that I had a perception of anything in “the cloud” as being largely impersonal and difficult when you needed to actually talk to a human. That most certainly was not the case in this instance. It seems like the Service Request mechanism in Office 365 actually does work; at least it did in this case. So, now I can get back to writing the course and not have to worry about that subscription anymore.

Keep a lookout for Learning Tree’s Office 365 course. We are targeting May, 2012 for our first public event. It should be a good one, even if I do humbly say so myself! J

Kevin Kell

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