How to Overcome Training Budget Constraints

Don’t you wish your company allowed unlimited training opportunities to help you improve your technical and business skills? Well, that would be great, but most of us aren’t that lucky. Most companies have training budget limitations that force bosses to pick and choose.

training budget

We all know training is extremely helpful for the continued growth of employees, which in turn helps business become more successful.

Follow these four tips to help build your case when asking for training

Tip 1: Show interest

Some companies include training as a part of their individual development process to ensure employees are constantly working towards growing their skills.

If your company doesn’t already have something in place, then think of it as your opportunity to show that you’re thinking about your future and open the opportunity for training.


Hello [name of manager],

I’d like to expand and improve my technical skills by attending a Learning Tree course. My next step is taking course [Course Number] [Course Title].

Tip 2: Prove ROI

It’s important to show what you’re hoping to get out the training. Whether it’s a certification, introduction to a topic, or strengthening a current skill, it’s important to clarify.

You want to start with what you’re hoping to learn and how this will benefit you, as well as what you’ll bring back to the company.


I’m really interested in taking this project management course because it will provide me with more knowledge of how to better meet deadlines. Plus, the PDUs I’ll earn will help fulfill my PMI requirements.

By taking this course, I hope to bring back the skills needed to ensure our department increases our percentage of projects completed on time.

Tip 3: Explain benefits

Alright, now you have piqued their interest. Other than simply the ROI, they want to know what other benefits you’ll be receiving to help them build a case for their boss.


Attending this project management course has several benefits:

  • The instructor teaching the class has years of experience in the field. Learning Tree does not employ their instructors on a full-time basis. Instead, Learning Tree uses consultants who have a lot of experience working in the fields they teach. Therefore, they have most likely already experienced the difficulties that come with new technology, and will be able to answer my questions.
  • I can attend online, so I don’t need to travel. This will be a huge cost saving as I can attend from home or the office.
  • They offer after-course instructor coaching as part of the course fee. If I have any questions after attending the class, I can reach out to the instructor for guidance.
  • I will also have access to a virtual machine sandbox after the course to experiment with solutions before impacting on any of our software or technology.

Tip 4: Negotiate training budget

Sometimes the course or training that interests you is outside of the given budget. Most training companies provide discounts if multiple employees take courses or if the individual takes multiple courses. Show your manager that you’re looking to save them money and have done your research.


The registration fee is $xxxx, but if we purchase training vouchers, we can receive a discount for others in the organization to take courses. The more vouchers we buy, the less the price per course.


When a manager can see that you’re invested in your personal growth, and have done the research to provide ROI and cost-savings, they will be more inclined to move forward with your training request.

Here is a sample email template to your manager.

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