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Project Leaders: Learn to Listen . . . 14 Keys to Effective Listening

A recent Internet survey by Coaching and Mentoring Associates, found the Number 1 interpersonal skill for successful project leaders to be:  Listens to others. Below are 14 keys to effective listening that I have gathered over the years to help me be an even more powerful project leader. Limit Your Own Talking.  You can’t talk […]

Protect Your Project Team – Part 2: Be Politically Sensible

“So effective politicking has to be as much about give as it is about take. So play the game. Or get left behind. Which are you going to do?” Dr. Rob Yeung, Talentspace In the last blog, I asked the question, “How can you use political sensibility to protect the project team from disruption and […]

Protect Your Project Team – Part 1: Be Politically Sensible

Introduction “You have to learn the rules of the game.  And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator, first woman elected mayor of San Francisco How can you use political sensibility to protect the project team from disruption and interference in order to increase effectiveness? If you are to […]

Project Leadership Success: Responsibilities, Competencies and Behaviors That Produce Positive Results – Part 10 of 10

Behaviors: Adopting a “servant” leadership role Larry Spears, in his book Reflections on Leadership, suggests a different way of looking at leadership: “Traditional autocratic and hierarchical modes of leadership are slowly yielding to a newer model—one that attempts to simultaneously enhance the personal growth of workers and improve quality and caring through a combination of […]

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