Projects: Seven Key Steps for Risk Management

Step one – create a risk management approach Project teams often do risk management in a haphazard way, inconsistently using tools and techniques throughout the initiative. To avoid this situation, project managers should create a risk management approach at the outset. This approach would outline how risks would be identified, evaluated and mitigated throughout the […]
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Shut Off The Engine! Default Passwords Can Disable Your Car!

Abuse of default passwords has gotten worse since I first posted about it here five years ago. Threatpost recently posted an article discussing the issue of passwords for IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Because, for example, networked doorbells don’t have a way for the owner to enter a unique, secure password and often communicate unencrypted, […]
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Getting to Know Our AnyWare Staff: Ash Ummat

July 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Learning Tree’s online course attendance platform, AnyWare! To celebrate, we want to showcase some of the people that make AnyWare work day-to-day! Everyone, meet Ash Ummat! Name: Ash Ummat Job Role: Lab Tech How long have you been supporting AnyWare?  5 years What do you think attendees like […]
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Power BI: Creating and Sharing Power BI Templates

Templates are great for word processors and spreadsheets; they save time and enforce consistency. Templates are great for Power BI, too, but Power BI templates must solve a minor complication not faced by its sister Office applications. The measures, columns, and visualizations that collectively constitute a Power BI report are based on a specific data […]
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Another Breach of Data Stored In The Cloud. Please stop.

I have a love-hate relationship with ”the cloud”. I love how easy it is to create services, easily access software and data, and I love the easy sharing of data. But I seriously hate how easy it is to unintentionally expose data that should remain confidential. In April of this year, the Telegraph reported on […]
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