Let’s Build Something Great: The Future of Corporate Learning and Training

I’ve written a few articles recently about what blended learning is and in them I shared some rather disheartening conversations and observations I’ve had in the last year about the state of corporate training. In summary, what I’ve learned is that organizations are still trying to find their footing when it comes to training their […]
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Is It a URI, a URL, Or Both?

A URL is a URI, and so is a URN, but a URL isn’t a URN and not all URIs are URLs. Clear? No? OK, we’ll look at these in more detail and Try to clear up some of the conflict? What is a URI? A URI us a “Uniform Resource Identifier”. It is a […]
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How to easily create a newsletter template in Microsoft Word

How to easily create a newsletter template in Microsoft Word and use it over and over again! Most organizations have one or more newsletters for employees or customers. This article will show you how to create a newsletter template in Microsoft Word that you can use over and over again. Since Microsoft Word 2013 the […]
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Encoding a Web Page In the URL

I recently learned about itty.bitty.site, a website that makes it possible to encode a web page in a URL. Yes, you read that correctly, the page is embedded in the URL. The “about” page for itty bitty is itself a webpage encoded in a URL. It is: https://itty.bitty.site/#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 The page looks like this: Now, one […]
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The “data” URL

Most everyone is familiar with the “http” and “https” URLs. Maybe you’ve heard about “ftp” and “file”, too, but few know about the “data” URL. The “data” URL provides a way to include small data items directly into HTML and CSS documents. The idea is that small images, for example, could be included in a […]
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