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Setting a BIOS Password Can Help Protect Your Computer

One of my favorite websites – – posted a story today about how easy it is to break into a PC or Mac and how to prevent it. The videos are good examples of what can be done when a computer is booted with a disc containing another operating system. We discuss this and […]

Speeding Up Password Cracking

Last week I talked about how fast processors and GPUs made password cracking easier. The idea was that dictionary words could be hashed quickly and then compared to target hashes. This week we’ll look at a very fast way to compute the hashes along with a fast way to search them. A GPU or Graphics […]

Stored passwords, eggs and bread dough?

All three of these share the need for one thing: salt. So what is a password salt and why do we need them? In the early days of the UNIX timesharing system the file containing the users’ passwords was readable by all users (that began in version 6, in the mid 1970’s). The file had […]

Password Pet Peeves

Why am I spending so much time talking about passwords? To begin with it’s because we can’t get rid of them, and that’s my first pet peeve. I know that static passwords (those that must be explicitly set) are easy to implement and use. That makes them convenient. For passwords on the web, I can […]

How to Protect Yourself From SIM Swapping Attacks

Two-factor authentication is rapidly becoming a “must-do” in this era of rampant cyber threats. I’ve discussed and encouraged two-factor authentication here and in Learning Tree’s cyber security introduction course. But it must be done correctly. Two-step and two-factor authentication Some organizations use hardware tokens that display numbers that change every thirty seconds or so. Apps […]

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