AWS Security: Identity and Access Management

For an organisation adopting Cloud Computing, one of the benefits is the self service nature of the cloud. If a developer requires a test machine for a short period of time, using an Amazon EC2 instance or Azure server instance is an obvious cheap solution. Not only is the machine only paid for the time […]
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Susan’s Significant Project

I am currently planning a significant project that will commence in early October this year.  This project concerns a new application area for this project manager and my uncertainty is very high. The business case is simple: create a product for a specific target market for consumption by key stakeholders.  The customer’s quality expectations:  absolutely […]
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Understanding Amazon EC2 Security Groups and Firewalls

When launching an Amazon EC2 instance you need to specify its security group.  The security group acts as a firewall allowing you to choose which protocols and ports are open to computers over the internet.  You can choose to use the default security group and then customize it, or you can create your own security […]
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Why Are Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing Costs Falling ?

Working with Amazon EC2 is becoming increasingly attractive and the go to service for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) not only because of the highly attractive costing model but also the rich range of functionality available. The release of the Amazon Linux and Windows Micro Instances recently is an example of their expanding range of […]
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Business Analysis Technique: Document Analysis

According to the BABOK® Guide, performing document analysis is one of the 16 required techniques in the fundamental knowledge base of an effective business analyst.   Wow, document analysis.  It sounds so … well… simple. Why would this technique be a required competency for a business analyst?  Let’s have a look.   Document analysis allows the […]
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