Defining Project, Product and Solution Scope

Defining product and project scope is an important framework for detailed requirements development. In order to define the scope of the project’s end result (the product or solution) and the project’s implementation needs (the project itself), it is critical to understand the difference between product and project scope and which one should be addressed first […]
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Hiding Behind the Cloud

A while ago I wrote about Cloud 2.0 and the rapid evolution of the Cloud to incorporate Web 2.0 social networking functionality. The term Cloud 2.0 was coined by Mark Beinhoff when he described the Chatter product is developing. Cisco have followed this path with the release of Quad. Quad is a product that […]
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VMWare Announce Future Computing Vision: Its Cloudy !

This week VMWorld 2010 is being hosted in San Francisco. VMWare have presented their new vision for enterprise computing. To say it is cloud focused is an understatement. Their vision can be simply states as “Move everything to the cloud”. By this they mean not only applications and associated services but also desktop environments and […]
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Virtually Adopting the Cloud

Virtualization technology is mainstream for many organisations these days. Not only does it streamline management of IT resources, it also makes more efficient use of existing and new IT infrastructure, improves reliability and availability whilst reducing administration and improving deployment times. Many hosting providers are now offering virtual servers as they adopt this technology to […]
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Red Hat’s PaaS Strategy Avoids Vendor Lock-In

Red Hat have been positioning themselves over the last two years as a cloud product provider. Programs such as their partner program have provided customers with a level of confidence that their partners can deliver safe, scalable and highly supported cloud environments. Last week they announced a comprehensive Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud strategy, […]
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