Parallel Computing with .NET 4 and Windows Azure

Yesterday, Chris Czarnecki posted a great article, Comparing Cloud Computing with Grid Computing.  This inspired me to write this article on parallel computing with .NET 4. One of the reasons to use Windows Azure, Amazon EC2 or any other cloud solution is to get massive scalability.  Your program might start out small running on a single […]
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Comparing Cloud Computing with Grid Computing

On a recent teach of the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course, I was asked about the difference between Grid Computing and Cloud Computing. An excellent question, because there are similarities between the two but also differences. Lets consider these individually. Grid Computing Starting with Grid computing. A grid comprises of a set of loosely coupled […]
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Business Analysis Technique: Requirements Workshops

According to the BABOK® Guide, requirements workshops are one of the 16 required techniques in the fundamental knowledge base of an effective business analyst.   Why would this structured and facilitated information gathering technique be a required competency for a business analyst?  Let’s have a look.   Requirements workshops are structured meetings where a selected group of stakeholders […]
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Understanding Lambda Expressions in C#

Last week at the first run of the new .NET 4 programming course, the topic that students found the hardest to understand was lambda expressions.  This is not surprising, as lambda expressions are hard to understand.  They can be useful though, especially if you are using Windows Azure.  So, let me try to explain them.  […]
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Microsoft Announces New VMRole for Azure

Microsoft have been offering their Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) for some time now. This provides an elegant deployment environment for applications developed to take advantage of the scalable features Azure provides. Developing Web applications requires the application to be packaged in Web Roles, with heavyweight computation assigned to Worker roles. I mention this […]
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