PRINCE2® Professional Qualification: What Gets Assessed?

The PRINCE2 Professional qualification assesses your capability to manage a non-complex PRINCE2 project across all aspects of the project life cycle. If you decide to take this next step after achieving practitioner certification, you will discover that this particular assessment takes place at an assessment center over two days.  Throughout the two days you and your fellow candidates are provided with opportunities to demonstrate evidence of your competence in managing a project using PRINCE2.  You are also asked to provide evidence of your broader competencies as a working Project Manager. 

Evaluators at the two day session collect evidence of a your competence through observation of group activities and exercises as they watch you discuss and solve problems relating to a project case study. You are also interviewed individually by the Evaluators at some point during the event.

The capabilities required of the candidate in applying their knowledge and experience to a non-complex project across its life cycle, include 19 different areas of performance criteria. These criteria are:

  • Preparing the Project Product Description
  • Preparing an outline Business Case for the project
  • Designing the project management team structure for the project
  • Tailoring corporate strategies to fit the project
  • Performing Product-Based Planning
  • Applying the risk management procedures for the project
  • Applying the communication management procedures for the project
  • Planning the project
  • Refining the project’s Business Case
  • Preparing the project’s Benefits Review Plan 
  • Preparing an End Stage Report for a management stage in the project
  • Capturing lessons learned
  • Preparing a Work Package
  • Applying the issue and change control procedures
  • Planning and conducting the Closing a Project process
  • Preparing an End Project Report that includes the Lessons Report
  • Using interpersonal skills
  • Managing project team performance
  • Manage your own performance

Sounds like a fun and busy two days, doesn’t it?  It will be interesting to apply my PRINCE2 knowledge and experience when I attend this event in February and stay on to become approved as an Evaluator as well.  Stay tuned for details…

Susan Weese

The Learning Tree offers a range of PRINCE2 certification courses in the UK and the US for those who are interested.

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