Get the Job Done with PRINCE2® Project Logs and Registers

PRINCE2 defines a set of five management products used for recording project information relating to quality, risk, lessons learned, and other project issues. These logs and registers are key information sets that are used by the PRINCE2 project manager to augment their daily job and make sure things are on the right track. These logs and registers are created early in the project and evolve over the project life cycle.  They should be revised, reviewed, and updated as the project progresses.

Let’s take a quick look at each one of these five management products:

Daily Log: Used by the project manager to record problems and concerns that will be handled informally

Issue Register: Used by the project manager to capture and maintain information on all project issues that are being managed formally, including change requests, off-specifications, potential new risks, and general issues

Lessons Log: An informal repository for the project manager to store lessons learned that apply to the current project and useful lessons from previous projects as well

Quality Register:  Updated by team members who perform quality checks on the project’s specialist or technical products, this register contains summary details of all planned and completed quality activities for the project

Risk Register: Used by the project manager to record identified project risks, their status and history across the project life cycle

How many of these logs and registers are you using on your current project?  See anything that might be of assistance?

Susan Weese

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