Project Leadership Success: Responsibilities, Competencies and Behaviors That Produce Positive Results – Part 8 of 10

Behaviors – Showing Consideration and Caring

Current research compares the relative utility of five leadership dimensions—charisma, consideration, motivation, rewards, and structure—in predicting employee job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and leader effectiveness. The same research identifies passive leadership behaviors (not being available to employees, failing to take action to prevent problems, etc.), as negative predictors of employee attitudes. (from Piccolo, Ronald, Judge, T., & Bono, J. E., “The full range of leadership behaviors: Which ones really matter?”, Journal of Applied Psychology, 2004.)

Clearly then, one of the most important behaviors a project leader can cultivate that will positively influence team member attitude is consideration, which involves treating team members with respect and valuing their input. A successful project leader also treats people fairly, applying the same set of rules to all. (from NASA Leadership Development Program, When the team is successful, they make sure to recognize the team’s accomplishments rather than individual achievements.

Project leaders who build successful teams do so by concerning themselves with the human needs of their team members: helping them with their problems, providing psychological support, caring about them as individuals, and freely expressing warmth, joy, happiness and enthusiasm in their interactions with them. By practicing this kind of consideration and caring, project leaders are rewarded by having their teams willingly entrust their well-being to them. There is a shared understanding that both the personal and professional lives of the team members are important.

My next post on the behaviors of a successful Project leader will discuss working with differences and how to identify strengths.

James L. Haner

To learn more, download the complete article  – Leadership Success: Behaviors, Competencies and Responsibilities That Produce Positive Results. – Behaviors– written by James L Haner documenting the behaviors of a successful leader.

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