Project Leadership Success: Responsibilities, Competencies and Behaviors That Produce Positive Results – Part 9 of 10

Behaviors – Working with Difference

A project leader must also figure out how to achieve success while managing a diverse range of people.  To accomplish that, the project leader needs to assess the pool of talent within the team.  Posing the following questions to each team member helps to identify their individual strengths, experiences, priorities and aspirations (SEPA):

 Strengths –
What do you find straightforward and easy to do?
What are your areas of interest?
Are there areas of work or leisure in which you would like to become involved?

 Experiences –
What work experiences do you/did you enjoy the most?
What kinds of things are you involved in outside of work?

 Priorities –
Given the following list, rank these from 1 to 10:
Being recognized, valued and respected
Career growth, learning and development
Exciting work and challenges
Fair pay
Great work environment and culture
Meaningful work
Pride in organization and product
Supportive management/great boss
Working with great people

 Aspirations –
What are your current priorities?
What are your goals for the future?

 In addition, there’s the more direct approach in which project leaders actively go out and engage team members by doing what’s become known in management circles as MBWA, or “management by walking around.” They ask team members what management support means to them and, in response, exhibit a willingness to learn and change. This approach yields further benefits for project leaders because it encourages team members to approach them openly with new information and specific comments.

In my final post in this series I will look at how a successful leader can adopt a “servant” leadership role.

James L. Haner

To learn more, download the complete article  – Leadership Success: Behaviors, Competencies and Responsibilities That Produce Positive Results. – Behaviors– written by James L Haner documenting the behaviors of a successful leader.

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