Public Awareness of Private Clouds

Yesterday, I flew from London Heathrow to New York. On arriving at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 I was surprised but pleased to see floor to ceiling advertising banners running the length of the terminal decorated with the text “Your Journey to the Private Cloud begins here”. The adverts have been placed by EMC.

As somebody who has been leveraging the cloud and consults on Cloud Computing, seeing such a public positive message on Cloud Computing was refreshing. EMC have, over the last five years been moving over to a private cloud. In doing so they have saved, over the five years, $104.5 in capital expenditure energy and space saving costs. Storage utilisation has increased from 68%-80% and IT has saved 1.5 petabytes of storage capacity. The experience EMC have gained and the impressive transformation of their IT has put EMC in a great position to help organisations achieve similar transformations. A private cloud is a better, more logical way for an organisation to manage its IT resources and services and for the business to consume these. Implemented correctly, a private cloud positions IT as a flexible pool of resources that can be utilised as and when required by the business. Private clouds also address a lot of the security and governance concerns raised when Cloud Computing is discussed.

Deciding if a private cloud is suitable for an organisation is not a simple decision. The technical and business aspects need to be considered as well as the existing infrastructure, staff skill sets and future IT requirements. Undertaking research on Cloud Computing to determine its viability for your organisation can be a time consuming process and one that can result in an incomplete picture being built. To enable organisations to fast track this research process and to ensure all the major factors are correctly understood, Learning Tree has developed a course that provides attendees with the key information and skills in three intensive hands-on days. Why not attend and join EMC as an organisation that is benefitting from Cloud Computing.


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