Reasons for NOT Moving To The Cloud

Yesterday I read a great article by Ray DePena titled ‘65 Reasons for NOT Moving To The Cloud‘ which was written slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ but I believe highlights a number of important misconceptions about Cloud Computing. I urge you to read it. The key message that the article promotes is that there are very few if no reasons for at least seriously considering some aspects of Cloud Computing in your organisations IT strategy.

Some of the more lighthearted reasons included:

  • You like to be in control – you don’t use banks, you carry all your cash in your wallet where it’s safe
  • You treasure the 6-12 week vacation between ordering equipment and waiting for it to arrive
  • You love the crinkling sound of unwrapping shrink-wrapped software
  • You’re partial to capital expenditures

You see from these that whilst humorous, there is an important message. The cloud delivers real benefits both technically and financially. Some of the more serious reasons listed include:

  • You need to be FISMA compliant, and Google Apps is not FISMA compliant – oh wait…
  • Your security needs are greater than the Pentagon’s
  • You’re concerned that Cloud providers can see your data – that’s why you don’t use any telecommunications services
  • Your internal infrastructure is much more reliable than that of the leading Cloud Service Providers

Anybody who has attended the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course will recognise many of these myths and misunderstandings about Cloud Computing and how the course, over three full hands-on days, dispels them all and more via presentation by an expert instructor with real world experience of delivering Cloud Computing solutions.
Based on my experience of hearing clients repeat the same misconceptions, I wrote a white paper that you can read here. If you would like to find out more about what Cloud Computing really is and how it can benefit your organisation why not consider attending the course. A schedule can be found here, I am sure you will not be disappointed and you will have access to an industry expert who can answer your business specific questions too.


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