Red Hat Offers PaaS

Last week Red Hat acquired Makara, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendor who offer complete solutions for deploying, managing monitoring and scaling applications in the cloud. This move positions Red Hat as a major provider now of Cloud Computing services, competing directly with Amazon, VMWare, Google and Microsoft.

This move by Red Hat is interesting because Makara does not provide a cloud infrastructure itself but is built on top of Amazon EC2 infrastructure. However, a key feature of Makara is that it is not tied to Amazon and allows applications to be deployed to different virtual environments including Xen, VirtualBox and VMware. The link to Red Hat is that Makara uses JBoss as part of its PaaS offering. This suggests that the core platform is for Java developers, but in reality will also support other languages such as PHP.

So, Red hat now has the potential to offer a PaaS that can be deployed on public, private and hybrid clouds. In addition, the choice they provide is now wider than any other vendor can currently offer from range of software to deployment targets – compare with Azure for .NET and PHP, VMware’s tie in to the Spring framework and Google with Java and Python.

One of the major concerns I hear from organisations considering adopting Cloud Computing is vendor lock-in. This development by Red Hat addresses these concerns head-on and provides a clean attractive solution. It will be interesting to see how the other vendors respond to this.

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