Refreshing Government View of Cloud Computing

Last week I posted on how a former UK government CIO had suggested that the UK government was not reacting quickly enough on cloud computing. I did a presentation this week to a diverse audience and many of the UK government attendees had a very negative or misguided view of cloud computing. It was thus refreshing to hear this weeks comments made by the GSA assistant commissioner Mary Davie on cloud computing.

Given the US office of Budget and Management has taken an aggressive stance on cloud computing and its adoption, Mary Davie’s comments are refreshing, realistic and totally appropriate for cloud computing adoption not only by government but by all business. What Mary Davie did was very clearly dispel some of the major myths associated with cloud computing including:

  1. Cloud can be anything
  2. Public clouds are not secure, and agencies can’t control security requirements
  3. Agencies will lose control of their data
  4. Moving to the cloud is difficult

I wrote a white paper on the myths of cloud computing a while back, you will see some similarities in the arguments to those proposed by Mary Davie. To me the most exciting aspect of Marie Davies comments were in the summary which said Fact: Cloud Computing Enables Good Government. Here is a respected professional, with no commercial agenda providing clear leadership and sensible judgement on the capabilities of cloud computing.

The summary of the Mary Davie article is applicable not just to government but to ALL businesses. Those businesses that appreciate the benefits are gaining a significant competitive advantage over those who are either not aware of them or who have hidden behind the myths. That’s what I really enjoy about presenting Learning Trees cloud computing course, teaching people what cloud computing REALLY is, against marketing hype, and the different ways it can benefit their business. If you are sceptical or have more interest in cloud computing, why not consider attending and see how cloud computing can help your business.


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