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This last week has been exciting for anybody using or considering using Cloud Computing. One of the major announcements has been from It seems that 2011 will see not only continue to innovate in the Software as a Service(SaaS) area but will also see them significantly enhance their Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering to customers.

The release of, a cloud relational database service now places in direct competition with Microsoft’s SQL Azure and Amazons Relational Database Service (RDS). So what exactly are offering ? They are offering a database built for the cloud on open standards, secure reliable and available 24/7. Data is automatically backed up and disaster recovery built in. Also the database is automatically elastic eliminating concerns on scalability.

This is an exciting development for anybody building applications that will leverage the cloud. The database can be accessed from any application written in any programming language as access is provided by open standards such as REST, SOAP, oAuth and SAML. Since the technology is the same that is used by the SaaS it has been vetted by Governments, Healthcare providers and many large organisations. In addition it has been certified by ISO27001, SysTrust and SAS70 Type II.

An interesting feature of the database is that it comes with a built in enterprise social graph meaning it is easy to add user profiles, status updates, feeds and groups that are built using this database. As for pricing, it starts free for upto 3 users, 100,000 records and 50,000 transactions a month. has always considered itself to be a disruptive company, starting many years ago with its no software marketing and building its product on a model that is now known as SaaS., its cloud database is also now a disruptive approach to data storage in the cloud. It offers many compelling features not found in Windows Azure and Amazon RDS. One thing is for sure, the people who benefit most from this vendor competitiveness is the cloud adopters and users.

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