Attending the APMG-Sponsored Webinar about Integrating Agile into PRINCE2 on October 31?

Why be traditional with  your PRINCE2 project management methodology when you can integrate agile methods within your approach and enhance your project success?  Sure seems like agile methods and frameworks are increasing in popularity as organizations and individuals seek increased flexibility when managing their projects and change initiatives. According to the experts, agile approaches are often seen as rivals to waterfall methods including PRINCE2, when in reality they complement each other.

The APMG-sponsored webinar next week shows how the speed of delivery from Agile and the quality of project definition from PRINCE2 satisfies those seeking excellence and flexibility in project delivery within a framework of strong project governance. According to the APMG website, this webinar defines what agile working means and how this has been captured in the APMG Agile Project Management qualification scheme.  The session then moves on to cover how you might use the PRINCE2 process model to explain how agile project management can govern development, with PRINCE2 governing the overall project. Sounds like a win-win to me!

If you are curious about how to integrate agile project management with the PRINCE2 project management methodology, you should tune in to an upcoming  webinar to learn more.  The webinar, titled ”Integrating Agile into PRINCE2” is scheduled next week on Thursday, 31 October 2013 at 1100 Eastern time.  It should last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes and will be presented in English.

During this webinar, Melanie Franklin of AgileChangeManagement, describes how you can integrate key elements of agile project management into your PRINCE2 methodology.  To register for this webinar, check out the APMG website for details and a link for signing up to attend. 

See you then and there! Happy Halloween!

Susan Weese


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