Cloudpaging: A Revolutionary Approach to Moving Applications to the Cloud

One of the most frequent questions I am asked when consulting on Cloud Computing is, ”How much effort is required to migrate my application to the cloud ?” There never has been one straightforward answer to this question because of the different implementation platforms, programming languages, architectures, etc. that applications can have. An announcement last […]
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What is NoSQL ?

Today saw the release of Spring Hadoop, the Spring Frameworks support for working with Hadoop. This is an addition to the Spring Data project that provides support for working with the now many non-relational data storage facilities available to application developers. These storage solutions are often termed NoSQL, Big Data, Big Table and Cloud Storage […]
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IBM SmartCloud: Opening Access To All

When it comes to cloud computing, the companies that gain the most publicity are typically Amazon, Google, Microsoft and All have excellent cloud services and are often the ’goto’ places organisations select when moving to the cloud. If you are considering cloud computing adoption, then IBM is a provider you should give serious consideration […]
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Amazon Simple Workflow Service

Amazon continue its relentless release of new Cloud Computing services with the release of the Simple Workflow Service (SWF). This sophisticated service enables distributed asynchronous applications to be implemented as workflow. A workflow is built from three core components: Workflow starters Activity workers Deciders Workflow starters initiate the workflow. This can be any application. The […]
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Sending Email with SMTP and Amazon Simple Email Service

I recently started to use the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) for a new application I am developing. The application needs to send email for a variety of reasons, but is primarily an e-commerce application, so sends for reasons such as order confirmation, dispatch notification etc. Having read about SES I initially thought the way […]
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