Image Caching Headers and Amazon S3

A while ago I wrote an article about using Amazon S3 to serve images for my site, One thing I hadn’t noticed – until it was pointed out by my colleague, Richard Howells, who is very hot on caching and efficiency in general – was that the images were not being served with an […]
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Combining Google Maps with ASP.NET Web Forms – Part 2

In my last post I showed how easy it was to add a Google map to a Web page. This time, I want to look at how you can customize the map by adding markers to it, as well as using data binding to build the script dynamically. The application I’m using provides restaurant recommendations […]
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Combining Google Maps with ASP.NET Web Forms – Part 1

One question that keeps cropping up while I’m teaching is – how do I include Google Maps in ASP.NET pages? The short answer is – it’s incredibly easy: just go to this page, follow the steps and you’ll get code you can paste into your page. The problem with that is it only works for […]
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Internationalizing ASP.NET MVC Applications

A couple of weeks ago I posted about internationalization with ASP.NET Web Forms. In this post, I’m going to look at how ASP.NET MVC handles internationalization. The good news is that you can localize in a broadly similar way and it’s still nice and easy. The bad news is that MVC does less for you […]
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Editing Collections in ASP.NET MVC

A recent comment on one of my earlier articles got me thinking again about ASP.NET MVC model binding and validation. The comment was from Bart Calixto, and was to the effect that my concern over MVC validation and repeating forms was misplaced – that simply binding to a collection meant that MVC could handle this […]
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