Back to the Real World

I have not made a post in some time. My excuse is that I have returned, for a period, to the ”real world”. I am taking a break from teaching for Learning Tree to pursue a very interesting consulting opportunity that has come my way.

I am now working with a streaming media application providing synchronous video broadcasts coupled with real-time social interaction via Facebook and Twitter. This application is being powered by resources provisioned through Amazon Web Services.

The application itself is written primarily in C#. There is also a liberal dose of JavaScript in the form of jQuery and AJAX. We also utilize a product which is new to me but useful nonetheless called Script# (it is pretty cool). There is a SQL Server database backend (also hosted on Amazon) as well as unstructured storage on S3 and streaming via CloudFront. And, as if that weren’t enough, we are using an Agile development methodology. So it is all pretty groovy.

I am using a lot of the technologies we talk about in class. Further this is a chance to be involved in some really cutting edge stuff. I have no doubt that this experience will enhance my effectiveness when I return to the classroom.

See you in a few months!

Kevin Kell

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