IT Service Management (ITSM) Implementation Challenges – Part II

This is a continuation of my earlier blog, “IT Service Management (ITSM) Implementation Challenges – Part I”. As we continue to explore the challenges associated with implementing IT service management, these are some additional ones that should be considered as we embark on this journey. Let’s discuss these further. Balancing resources between fighting fires and […]
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IT Service Management (ITSM) Implementation Challenges – Part I

Having briefly talked about making wise IT investments in my previous blog, we will now discuss some of the challenges that organizations face with implementing IT service management (ITSM). Note that the extent of difficulties associated with implementing IT service management depends upon the current state (baseline) maturity of the business enterprise and IT organizations. […]
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Making Wise IT Investments

In most silo-ed organizations, most technology-focused teams tend to manage technology for technology. The reality is that lack of appreciation for the business value created by the individual silo-ed technology components prevents silo-ed enterprises to manage technology for the business. Each silo may have silo-ed, technology-focused partnerships and may provide technology solutions with limited cross […]
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Getting Started with ITIL®: Are Service Level Agreements the Answer?

It is not unusual for an internal organization to be looking for  Service Level Agreements (SLA) with IT.  Typically, this stems from the customers/users being unhappy with the service they are receiving and as a result, they are requesting SLAs.   The question to ask is this:  Will a written signed list of promises really […]
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ITIL® Service Delivery: How to Meet Customers in the Middle and Stay on Task

How many times have you received a request from a customer only to have to repeat the process or do additional projects afterwards? Often my students lament that they will have completed a service request only to have to return to the same project again and again. Part of the problem is that we may […]
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