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Motivation Challenges at Work

If you have challenges motivating staff at work, then you have to watch this video by Dan Pink. He deals with all of the challenges that impact levels of engagement, creativity, turnover rates, etc. He also sheds light on the challenge of incorporating motivational plans into your performance management metrics. Be careful what you measure, […]
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The Best Project Manager I Ever Saw Is …

This past weekend, I was watching “the Right Stuff” and smiled at the part when a reporter is asking Astronaut Gordon “Gordo” Cooper who was the best pilot he ever saw.  Although his normal answer was “You’re looking at him”, this time he paused and thought about Chuck Yeager testing fighter places out at Edwards Air […]
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What I Learned About Project Leadership from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

One common characteristic of all successful project teams is the high amount of energy the team members apply toward getting the project done, on target, on time and on budget. According to Sun Tzu, in chapter five of The Art of War, the project leader’s role is to help the project team develop the energy required […]
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Project Leadership: The Context in Which We Make Decisions

Made any tough decsions lately? Project leaders make decisions in real time with limited information or information overload and ever-changing constraints. In order to make effective decisions, the project leader must understand the backdrop or the context within which she is making decisions —   What is the purpose of your project? —  Why does it exist? —   What services, products, […]
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Project Leadership and Encouraging Feedback

Giving encouraging feedback is one of the most important communication skills you can engage in with members of your project team.  And like all project leadership skills, it takes practice to build your confidence and improve. The following is a “formula” for giving encouraging feedback that you can start using with your project team—today. “I have […]
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