Could Cloud Have Prevented Security Concerns of Home Secretary?

Today I awoke to the news that UK Home Secretary Teresa May had left her engagement book in an auditorium last Sunday. There were concerns that the lapse put the home secretary and her colleagues at risk because of the details it contained. The book was left by her personal protection secretary.

So what has this got to do with Cloud Computing you may be asking ? During my consulting activities and when teaching Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course the comment I hear most is that people and organisations will not store their data in the cloud because of security concerns. They often make these comments without any consideration of the current safety and security of their data. Things such as how secure currently are their servers, networks and software ? Who in their organisation has access to the data and is it stored/copied in multiple places ? What happens to their data if they delete it ? These plus many more are valid questions that should be asked about on-premise as well as for cloud computing based solutions.

In the case of Teresa May, would it have been safer if her appointment book had been stored in the cloud ? Not only would she have had anywhere access but the above incident would not have occurred. I therefore used this incident as an example of where data held in paper form or even locally on PC’s is often more vulnerable than when located in the cloud, where, when encrypted and then protected by world class security experts can be anonymous.

Evaluating Cloud Computing and in particular its security risks is not a trivial task. To help people make informed decisions Learning Tree have developed a three day Cloud Security course. Find out how this course can help you gain practical, in-depth knowledge of Cloud Computing security.

Chris Czarnecki

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