Creating SQL Azure Applications Quickly and Easily

I like tools. Tools are cool. Tools help you accomplish more in less time and with less effort. Tools help make hard topics like ”cloud computing” accessible to mere mortals like myself.

Of course, to the purist, tools may be considered a bad thing. After all there is kind of a joy, a feeling of accomplishment, pride, or whatever, to be had after hacking out a particularly cool piece of code using only the command line. The same sorts of macho discussions have been the subject of water-cooler conversations for years. Remember when C programmers were considered ”high level” by the machine language wonks?

Well, times have changed, and yet strangely remain somehow the same. That, however, is not the subject of this weeks’ post!

Today we are going to build a Windows Azure application from scratch. This application will use relational data stored in a SQL Azure database. We are going to build, test and deploy this application to the cloud in under 10 minutes. To accomplish this we will be using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

So, what does this mean? Is the application a finished, polished deliverable product? Obviously not! However what we do have is a very good starting point from which we can go on to develop our application using the skills and tools that we are already familiar with. Did we need to learn some new things? Yes! But are they things that already fit into our understanding of how .NET applications are developed? Certainly!

In Learning Tree’s Window’s Azure Programming course we endeavor to hone your .NET programming skills to enable you to build and deploy applications to the cloud quickly and easily. You will learn how to take the skills you already know and apply them in this new paradigm called cloud computing. And you can do the same things, if you please!


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