Get Involved with PMI’s New Practice Standard for Requirements Management

There sure are many opportunities for all you project managers and business analysts who are crazy about requirements to get involved with developing or reviewing new standards focusing on exactly that discipline.  I mentioned one opportunity in an earlier post about the current time window for public review of the IIBA’s new version 3 of the BABOK® Guide.

Well, here is another interesting opportunity to get involved with development of a new requirements management standard from the “ground up”. One of the Project Management Institute’s current standards development projects is building a new standard focusing on requirements. Check out this opportunity as well as other opportunities to participate in new standards development or existing standards revision work on the PMI website.

In a nutshell, PMI is in the process of developing a full consensus, practice standard on the topic of requirements management, which is slated for launch in 2015. That means PMI is currently collaborating with project and program managers, software and systems engineers as well as business and Agile analysts to ”define the common processes of multiple disciplines and industries for developing detailed program and project requirements. The intent of this practice standard is to provide depth to the functional execution of requirements management in alignment with our other foundational standards.”

Sounds like fun!  Does this opportunity interest you? Perhaps we will meet in virtual land working on this new requirements standard…

Susan Weese

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