Microsoft Announces New VMRole for Azure

Microsoft have been offering their Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) for some time now. This provides an elegant deployment environment for applications developed to take advantage of the scalable features Azure provides. Developing Web applications requires the application to be packaged in Web Roles, with heavyweight computation assigned to Worker roles. I mention this […]
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Error in Deploying to the Google App Engine

Yesterday I wanted to deploy a new application to the Google App Engine. Having done this many many times I was somewhat surprised that the deployment failed with the following message: Deploying app_id to Google has encountered a problem 401 unauthorized Must authenticate first No more details than this were provided. My initial reaction was […]
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.NET 4 Programming Course – Day 2

Yesterday, I wrote about the first day of a new Learning Tree course on .NET 4 Programming. Day 2 of the new .NET 4 Programming course began by covering WCF RESTful DataServices.  This greatly simplifies access to data-oriented services by taking advantage of Microsoft Entity Framework, WCF and the Open Data Protocol.  It’s very impressive […]
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First Run of Learning Tree Course – .NET 4 Programming

A couple months ago, I wrote about a new class that Learning Tree was developing,” .NET 4 Programming for Existing .NET Developers: Hands-On.” (See my prior post: New Learning Tree .NET Course for Experienced .NET Developers.) Today, I’m attending the beta run of that course, which is being taught by the author, Gérard Frantz.  Gérard […]
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Creating Amazon EC2 Machine Instances (AMIs) for Test Servers

Recently, I had to add some features to one of my servers running on Amazon EC2.  Not surprisingly, I was afraid I might break something that was already deployed.  So, I needed a test server. A test server should, ideally, be exactly like the production server being tested — same hardware, same version of the operating […]
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