Project Leadership Success: Responsibilities, Competencies and Behaviors That Produce Positive Results – Part 9 of 10

Behaviors – Working with Difference A project leader must also figure out how to achieve success while managing a diverse range of people.  To accomplish that, the project leader needs to assess the pool of talent within the team.  Posing the following questions to each team member helps to identify their individual strengths, experiences, priorities and […]
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Project Leadership Success: Responsibilities, Competencies and Behaviors That Produce Positive Results – Part 8 of 10

Behaviors – Showing Consideration and Caring Current research compares the relative utility of five leadership dimensions—charisma, consideration, motivation, rewards, and structure—in predicting employee job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and leader effectiveness. The same research identifies passive leadership behaviors (not being available to employees, failing to take action to prevent problems, etc.), as negative predictors of employee […]
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Managing Successful Projects: How Collaboration is Crucial

In a previous posting I described how four groups are involved in every successful project.  These groups are: top management, project manage­ment, the project team, and the client. Today we’ll talk about the last two groups: the project team and the client and how collaboration is crucial. The Project Team In successful projects, the project […]
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The 7 PRINCE2® Principles: A Closer Look

In my opinion, PRINCE2  (Projects in a Controlled Environments) is the best project management “road map” around for getting a project through a successful and controlled start, middle and end.  It is a structured, non-proprietary project management method focusing on controlling project costs, timescales, quality, scope, risk and benefits.   PRINCE2 uses an integrated framework of elements for successful […]
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Branding SharePoint, not so fast!

Often developers are given the task of deploying SharePoint and one of the first things they want to do is “not make it look like SharePoint”.  I can understand they want to customize the look and feel, but hold on, not so fast! Do we need to brand the web site? I think the natural […]
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