Microsoft Azure … Beware the Sticker Shock!

This week’s post is a cautionary tale. It is also a reminder that almost nothing in life is ”for free”. With Azure you must realize that you pay for everything that is deployed whether it is being used or not. You pay for storage. You pay for computing. You pay for data transfers in and […]
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Migrating a SQL Server Database to SQL Azure

As a follow on to my colleague’s recent excellent post I thought that this week I would present a practical, hands-on example of moving a real-world on-premise SQL Server database to SQL Azure. There are at least three ways to migrate data into SQL Azure: SQL Script Bulkcopy (bcp) SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Each […]
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Asking the Right Questions to Elicit the Right Requirements

There are many types of questions used in gathering requirements information. Using all types of questions as part of your user requirements research allows you to organize and discover what the users need and want within the scope of the project. Remember, skilled requirements analysts are experts at asking questions, especially when they don’t know […]
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Planning a Move to the Cloud

In an earlier post, The Problem with Moving to the Cloud is Everything Works, I wrote about the difficulties of moving a customer’s applications to the cloud.  The point was that you need to have a plan to make that transition smooth.  Well, we’ve developed at least an initial plan. First we’re going to use […]
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Security is Virtually Different in the Cloud

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